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Business Day for Trading Companies

Trading companies who operate at a very thin margin need to be extremely agile and streamlined in their business processes to ensure quick inventory turn around and faster market response.

If your trading organization is operating on excel files or on disparate systems for example an accounting package software for book keeping and accounting, a separate order management, a different software for CRM to track sales lead /prospects/ sales and a third one inventory management software for tracking inventory and another to gather data from all these sources to produce reports to facilitate better decision making and strategy.

You are exposing your self to all the following data redundancy, human errors, lower productivity and hence slower response time; above all a stagnant growth.

Business day application for trading companies is exactly addressing this by providing trading industry professionals an integrated application.

Trading Companies needs following key business functions :

Ability to produce Sales Quotation in no time.

Ad hoc is another key requirement to produce.

Strong ability to track sales leads and sales force.

Ability to immediately place purchase order or convert a purchase requisition to purchase order with the supplier.

Get visibility to ASN's (Advance Shipping Notification)

Ability to track the order and keep customer update thus improving the customer experience.

Ability to get standard reports geared for Trading industry requirements which help making meaning rule decisions like profitability by products, profitability by customers, supplier analysis and rating.

Ability to avoid re-entering same customer and product data to generate a sales order if the customer accepts the sales quote.

Scale as your grow

Business Pointers trading industry solution brings exactly this empowerment to our trading.

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