Construction & Engineering Solution (Constructware)

Construction & Engineering Software (Constructware)

Construction and Engineering Industry - Technology to Manage and Transform entire Construction business processes with single application.

The number of applications that one has to go through to manage business processes is really burdensome.

Construction and Engineering Industry solution of Business Day suite by Business Pointers is One Integrated application to manage your entire Accounting, Payroll, Material planning, Construction project plan, Inventory/ warehousing and CRM / Sales ALL IN ONE BUSINESS SOFTWARE.

The Business Pointers Construction and Engineering Industry solution addresses the streamlining of following Construction / Engineering Process:

Ability to easily define a new Construction / Engineering Projects by copying a previous project or creating a new one.

Monitor Construction / Engineering project cost and timelines

Define Material Requirement for the Construction / Engineering Projects

Check Construction Material Availability and order short supply materials

Define construction / engineering job sites and perform Labor Scheduling

Perform sub-contracting operations by assigning sub-contractors

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