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Business Pointers Inc. is one of the established companies specializing in the development of high end software and innovative applications in the domains of Human Resource, Transportation, Warehousing and Finance.
Cloud ERP Solutions – Leading the Waycloud-erp
Business Pointers Inc. has the expertise in delivering reliable Cloud ERP applications exclusively customized to ease out the hassles of managing multiple business operations. These ERP models are flexible, easy to deploy and enable companies to focus on their core business strategies, whilst releasing the burden of managing IT.

BUILT-IN SERVICE MODULES – All in One Integrated ERP Apps

all in one app
  • Human Resource Management System(HRMS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Project Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Collaboration Application
  • Production Planning Application
  • Transportation Application
  • Order Management Application
  • Procurement Application
  • Finance Application
  • Inventory Management Application
Why Opt for Cloud ERP?
  • Central management of company data using a secure web browser
  • Easy Access to real time data anytime anywhere
  • Low on investment and no need of additional software purchase
  • Easily upgraded to advanced versions
  • Quick implementation of tasks and effective
  • utilization of resources lead to innovation and growth of business operations

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