Learning Management System (LMS) Features and Benefits

  • Training can be directly assigned to applicants, employees, contractors or customers
  • All trainings can be viewed on the Training Calendar
  • Both classroom and self - paced trainings can be assigned
  • Trainees can view and begin self based trainings by playing the training through the application or the training portal
  • Trainees can directly sign up for available training classes through the training portal
  • HR receives data from trainees training times, scores, and number or times taking breaks from training
  • All training courses can either be standalone or part of a curriculum
  • Instructors can define their own training content and questionnaires
  • Questions appearing on the questionnaires will be automatically randomized so each trainee is getting a unique order of questions
  • Preliminary questionnaires can be assigned to each course and will put a predefined number of the final questions for that section for the trainee to answer
  • Instructor can set the questionnaire passing threshold and the number of times a trainee may attempt the questionnaire
  • HR is given reports and analytics based on the courses. Example: HR can view the number of times a question is missed to improve training course effectiveness or questions clarity
  • Comprehensive Reports and Dashboards