Learning Management System

Talent Development function of your organization starts with identifying training needs.

business pointers

Business Pointers Training day LMS suite provides an integrated platform
for imparting trainings to :

  • Employee by location or department or any other criteria.
  • Applicants for conditional hiring
  • Customers
  • Vendors

Training effectiveness & evaluation:

Successfully delivery of training does not tantamount to successful absorption.

The effectiveness needs to be evaluated through an evaluation process for which Business Pointers Training Day LMS suite has functionality for instructors / training providers to create questions which get stored in a Question bank.

Smart evaluation logic

Smart evaluation logic

  • The questions from the question bank can be presented in a set format.
  • If one does not prefer one trainee who took the test revealing the evaluation questions, Training day evaluation feature can randomize questions in the questionnaire.
  • It can also follow an algorithm based logic to present a particular question for correct or incorrect response.

Training reports

  • Reports by training types
  • Average training duration
  • Training participation reports
  • Time taken by trainees to complete a particular training, Issuance of training certificate, Training reports and above all a report design engine with drag and drop capabilities.

Training report

register trainees as customers

Training e-commerce

  • Training day suite can help create SCORM compliant content which could be internally deployed or sold externally.
  • The Training day software can register trainees as customers and save their payment information, execute full purchase of trainings. It can also save training order history.