Business Pointers HR Case Management (HRCM)

With Business Pointers HR case management, you can empower the workforce and automate HR processes with intuitive self-service

Business Pointers HR Case Management is a Cloud based suite.
Its a comprehensive software solution for total HR case management with other features like Benefits, Payroll, Time and Attendance, Comprehensive HRIS, Recruitment, LMS and Talent management.

You can mitigate your Risk with the Case Management System.

Business Pointers HR Case management systems are designed specifically to capture comprehensive information related to your employees’ interactions with Human Resources and Employee Relations.
Having this information gives you critical advantages:

  1. it enables you to spot potentially dangerous trends and take appropriate action before hand
  2. It can help to improve your ability to prevent the issues snow boiling and prevent for future
  3. HRCM helps to solve cases in a structured way with improved consistency to manage employees

Business Pointers HR case management systems are designed to arm your company with the information it needs to manage employee complaints more effectively.


  • Lower HR costs and increases in efficiency.
  • It can cater to all types of businesses, bigger or small.
  • Reaching both start-up and stretch key performance indicators (KPIs) faster

Business Pointers Case management portal, can be accessed anywhere, anytime by employees and respective departments.

  • A cloud based system with a searchable knowledgebase that delivers personalized answers on policies, benefits and more
  • HR related call tracking and case management with workflow routing, and reporting
  • Authorized access to HRIS and Employee self-service solutions with the cloud based system.

Below comprehensive research done by Business Pointers team highlights how the Employers manage and Track complaints.

Employers manage and Track complaints.

Your organization may handle employee complaints and workplace disputes adequately but how well are you tracking and auditing these incidents?

Are your employee Relations department doing the resolution to these problems systematically and without not any legal incident? What areas will there be impacts to retention, productivity and overall worker relations?

HR case management: case study


  • WORKOOPOLIS Pvt. Ltd. Is an international leader in HR automation domain.
  • 2,000 employees
  • Multiple locations all around the globe
  • Several HR, Recruitment, Sales and IT groups

Problem Area:

  • No central repository or knowledge center to track cases and answer questions
  • Records not maintained properly
  • Existing HRMS systems didn't reveal the "whys" behind cases-only the when and where



Results and Final Outcome:

  • Improved overall ability to spot employee relations trends and insights
  • Improved HR related day to day functions
  • 75% reduction of Time and Resources needed for Service delivery and support
  • Business Day Suite benefits all department functions (HR, Accounts, Sales , IT, Operations etc.)

As a Human Resources team you need to keep track of all of these cases and matters and manage them through to resolution - efficiently and effectively. Coordinating responses from the right experts in a consistent and familiar manner can be a real challenge without the right tools.

So the question is how can employers gather and leverage all of their employee complaint data effectively and without a huge investment of time and effort?

With a robust HR case management system - one that unifies and automates complaint tracking, auditing and reporting.

Business Pointers case management solution combines core functionality with industry specific features to address different markets solution.

Business Pointers HR Case Management is a powerful complete cloud based Suite and with has all the right approach and tools to manage employees' Cases, Queries, Requests and Issues.