5 Reason when deciding on HRMS App

When managing Small-medium enterprise one may not consider the thought of implementing a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) for its business processes as they might find it to be too expensive and unwanted nevertheless, HRMS software can prove to be of huge benefit to smaller and medium enterprises when selected cautiously to meet the sole necessities of the business.

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5 Reason when deciding on CRM App

There is a plethora of 'Customer Relation Management' definitions as there are software solution providers. What makes the difference as a peace-maker from the solution provider perspective is how we understand the purpose and client's problem areas. In any case, CRM systems should aptly consider customer information while having sound business and operational, analytical abilities.

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IT spending

My IT spending is killing me!

IT spending is growing at a formidable rate. Indeed, in recent years it has outpaced the expectations of flat growth in the world economy. Companies nowadays are spending heavily on IT infrastructure and thereby making processes automated & streamlined only for one reason and that is making their processes efficient and effective.

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Insane IT Budget

Kill Your Insane IT Budget Before it Kills You

Information technology is now part of every business. It is difficult to imagine any business running without IT support. It has revolutionized business by providing greater accessibility in terms of speedy communications across remote areas, storage and backup of critical data, greater transparency in business ethics and resource sharing.

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Cloud Subscription Model - Pay as You Use

Cloud Subscription

What is Cloud Subscription?

Cloud Subscription means you can use any computer resources; it can be hardware or software which is available in remote locations.

What is a SaaS model? SaaS model allows customers to access the application for a lower price than licensed applications.

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Arrest the Rise in IT Spending with Cloud Solutions

In an age of tight budgets many businesses, whether small or large, are looking for new efficient ways to reduce costs. The ROI from IT continues to decrease as IT costs increase. The servers are difficult to manage and often very costly. However, hosting technologies are changing and more companies are looking the possibility of cloud hosting.

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