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Project Management Systems

If producing higher quality software does result in higher overall organizational productivity, this would change the entire approach our organizations take in producing software. As a consequence, what would be the effect if we were to consider an alternative mental model?

Such a model might be: "Yes, we design highly reliable software because we can't afford to not do so. It takes too long, and it costs too much to correct defects once they're in the product. If our engineers aren't fixing problems in response to customer problems, they can be creating new products and features. After all, our most important priority is to make sales and maintain customer satisfaction to produce the highest possible profits."

Our Project Systems Management (PSM) group supports projects with assistance in establishing plans, procedures, and Best Practices implementation. We help align our design engineering expertise with client needs by fully integrating with their project management process.

PMS can help project manager’s work with any Owner's Stage Gate process. Working closely with project managers and project engineers, our PMS adds the support necessary through our own methodology to make your unique project successful from start to finish. Our advantage is two-fold: hands-on project experience and project planning expertise.